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Simon Budden

Simon Budden

Simon Budden, Senior Instructor 6th Dan (Rokudan)

I’m Simon Budden, the Senior Instructor for the Association and I’m currently graded at 6th Dan Karate, 5th Dan in Goju Ryu Karate and 4th Dan in Shotokan Karate. My martial arts experience dates back to 1968 when I started boxing with my grandfather Bill Clarke who was a boxing coach, before taking up Judo in 1970, where I obtained brown belt was silver medallist at the 1974 BJA Southern Area Championships and trained with the BJA Junior squad.

In late 1974 I took up Karate, first in Wado Ryu style for two years before settling in Shotokan where I gained my 4th Dan. In 2002 I changed to Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate under the banner of IOGKF and gained my 5th Dan under Sensei Morio Higaonna 10th Dan in July 2006. In March of 2013 I formed Shiki Karate Do Kai. In June 2013 I graded to 6th Dan Karate under Peter Consterdine 9th Dan BCA/BCKA.

I have also trained in several other martial arts including Tomiki and Yoshikan Aikido, Western Boxing, Kick Boxing, JKD under my friend Guru Jason Boh, Pak Mai, Wing Chun Kung Fu and Kodo Ryu Karate with my good friend and author Sensei Nathan Johnson 6th Dan.

I am a former international competitor, past captain of the Shotokan of England Team and have also been a member of the England All Styles Karate Squad (1985 - 1987). In addition I’ve worked and taught members of the Armed Forces and for private security companies.

In 1983, I founded the Winchester Shotokan Karate Do (Now Winchester Combat Karate Academy), which after over thirty years is still Winchester's oldest Karate club.

In 1989, I decided that it was necessary to pursue my teaching career on a full time basis, as my commitments were growing. In addition to being the senior instructor at the Winchester Combat Karate Academy (WCKA), I teach at Winchester College, St Swithun’s Girls School and The Pilgrims’ School Winchester.

In the past I have taught at Southampton University, Wycombe Abbey Girls School (High Wycombe), Regents Park School (Southampton) the Army Training Regiment (ATR, now Army Technical foundation college), The Bedales School, Perrins School, The Westgate School, Eaton College, Charterhouse, IBM Hursley, Peter Symonds College. I have also run various self-protection courses (F.E.D.S. Protection System) for private companies, schools colleges, private individuals, Hampshire county council. I am a licensed Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Licensed Hypnotherapist, qualified Shiatsu Tutor, and a certified Yoga and Pilates instructor.

I also train with the English Longbow.

Grading History

Commenced training in Karate in late 1974 with Southampton Wado Ryu (UKKW). No grading's taken.

Changed to Shotokan (Eastleigh KUGB/JKA) late 1976

  • First grading (They were not frequent)
  • 9th Kyu 6.9.78 - H.Tomita 6th Dan JKA
  • 8th Kyu 7.2.79 - H.Tomita 6th Dan JKA
  • 7th Kyu 16.5.79 - H.Tomita 6th Dan JKA
  • 6th Kyu 5.9.79 - H.Tomita 6th Dan JKA
  • 5th Kyu 16.1.80 - H.Tomita 6th Dan JKA
  • 4th Kyu 16.4.80 - H.Tomita 6th Dan JKA
  • 3rd Kyu 30.7.80 - H.Tomit 6th Dan JKA
  • 2nd Kyu 5.11.80 - H.Tomita 6th Dan JKA
  • 1st Kyu 4.2.81 - H.Tomita 6th Dan JKA
  • Shodan 27.6.82 Shotokan of England Karate Union - EKC
  • Nidan 30.6.85 Shotokan of England Karate Union - EKC
  • Sandan 12.5.91 Shotokan of England Karate Union - EKC
  • Yondan 7.12.97 Shotokan Of England Karate Union - EKC
  • Yondan December 2005 retaken for IOGKF Goju Ryu under George Andrews 8th Dan IOGKF
  • Godan 28.7.06 IOGKF European Gasshuku under Morio Higaonna 10th Dan
  • Rokudan 16.6.13 BCA/BCKA under Peter Consterdine 9th Dan.

Rui Marques

Rui Marques

Rui Marques, 5th Dan (godan)

Rui Marques 5th Dan (Godan) began studying Martial Arts 32 years ago at the age of nine. The first system he studied was TaeKwon-Do. In 1988 he discovered Shotokan Karate which has been his parent style ever since.

In 1992 Rui was awarded his Shodan (1st Dan). He now became involved in Kick-Boxing and was privileged to train with a number of British and European champions. Rui also became the squad coach and team captain to his association of that time.

In 1993, Rui moved to Southampton where he opened a Karate and Kick-Boxing club. This Club, The Southampton Shotokan Dojo (SSD) was well established by 1995, and Rui continued to teach both in London and Southampton.

In 1997 Rui returned to London on a full time basis and he joined the Shotokan Of England Karate Union. With this new backing he opened SEKU London and remained with SEKU until 2002.

During 2002, Rui joined as a founding member of the Shotokan Karate-Do England and he became their London representative.

In 2004 Rui formed the Applied Karate-Do after becoming disillusioned with many of the so-called 'Traditional' Martial Arts associations. Rui affiliated the AKD to the British Combat Association headed by Peter Consterdine (9th Dan) and Geoff Thompson (8th Dan), impressed by their non political, practical and realistic approach to the Martial Arts.

Rui has been honored to train with some of the most respected Karate instructors in the world including former members of the England Karate Squad, and he has appeared in the national press and various magazines.

Rui has also trained in several other Martial Arts including: Muay Thai, Goju-Ryu, Ju-Jitsu, Kempo, Kung Fu, Kobudo and Aikido. Today, his teaching is based solely on the practical aspects of the Martial Arts.

Rui has been involved in security and law enforcement for many years. He ran his own security company, was a head doorman for several years across London, has been involved in close protection to a number of A-List celebrities and dignitaries, and he has taught Personal Protection to nursing, security and law enforcement personnel.

Rui's unique and charismatic style of teaching and his extensive knowledge of reality based training from direct first hand experience, has been shared with hundreds of students across the UK and abroad.

Aside from heading the AKD as it's chief instructor, Rui holds seminars and classes for numerous other associations and groups who often describe his concepts and the F.E.D.S. system as the "missing link" in all their years of training.

Debbie Cross

Debbie Cross

Debbie Cross, 2nd Dan (Nidan)

My name is Debbie cross and I have been training with Simon budden since 2000. I helped with the juniors with Stuart Langford whilst I was a brown belt and eventually took over the running of the dojo when Stuart retired from teaching.

I've been teaching the juniors since 2007 when I was a 1st Dan, I'm now Nidan with Shiki and we have 3 classes at Winchester, Chandlers Ford and Braishfield . I started learning Shotokan with Simon and changed to Goju Ryu in 2002.

Jason Collings

Jason Collings

Jason Collings, 3rd Dan (Sandan)

Jason has trained in martial arts since he was a child, beginning with Judo at the age of 10, then taking up Karate in his teens, having practiced both Shotokan and Goju Ryu styles. Over the years he has sought to find and develop effective techniques, regardless of their source, leading to him training in over a dozen different martial arts styles, western and Asian, armed and unarmed. He is a true believer in the adage that the best technique is the one that works.

Outside of training he balances his time between being with his wife and three daughters, and running his own recruitment company.

Jason has trained with Simon Budden and CMA since 2011.

Franciscus Berkelaar

Franciscus Berkelaar

Franciscus Berkelaar, 3rd Dan (Sandan)

My name is Franciscus Berkelaar. I am from The Netherlands and have been living in England since 2004. I started to train in Judo when I was 5 years old. When I was 11 years I added in Shotokan karate until I was 19, when I started to study Medicine. This took up so much time that I could not train for many years.

In 2005 I phoned Simon to re-start Shotokan karate. He had switched to Goju Ryu karate which he advocated. I tried it an it felt good. Simon is a motivational and innovative trainer and when he introduced M.A.C.S. I was impressed with it and have not looked back since. I love it. On the side I do other things to keep me fit.

Best advice I have taken to heart: “Use it or you lose it”! This truth is appropriate on so many levels. I see this demonstrated every day.