Mark Elliott

I have known Simon for in excess of 30 years when we were competing together for Eastleigh Karate club, then under the tuition of Dave Hinks. At that time we also trained together on Ticky Donovan’s England squad . We have worked closely together a lot over those 30 years and I feel privileged that I have introduced Simon to some of my close instructors who have also influenced his training and career path.

I wish Simon, his team and family all the best for the future with his association.

Mark Elliott, 5th Dan Shotokan Karate

Jason Boh

I have known Simon since the 1980’s where he has always been a well respected member of the Karate family.

Simon holds a wealth of knowledge and experience in both theory and application but this does not contravene his desire to continue learning. This demonstrates great humility and passion in equal measure.

I am impressed by Simon’s attitude and by the way he applies his open minded approach to the arts.

I am flattered that Simon has chosen me to guide him through the systems of Jeet Kune Do and more so, that he wishes to become an Instructor within my organisation.

This is another example of how good friendships may enjoy the experiences of sharing the arts.

Sensei Jason Boh
Jeet Kune Do/Jun Fan Gung Fu/Filipino Martial Arts/Silat
Inosanto International Martial Art Instructors Association

Nathan Johnson

Simon absorbed the - Shuri based - Shotokan style of Karate through hard work over many years; I know I saw it! He then went on to absorb the Naha based style of Goju Ryu with the same commitment, displaying a standard that easily rivals top Sensei from overseas. Indeed, he has trained for longer than many original founders of Ryu (styles/schools) did before pioneering their disciplines, and Simon's evolution as a man of Karate reflects his considerable commitment and ability.

Indeed, Simon epitomises the qualities that karate teachers have historically promoted, he also retains the essential and vital quality of keeping an open mind.

My litmus test I guess is: would I send my own son to train with him? The answer is (along with considering possibly only one other person) a resounding Yes!

Nathan J. Johnson, Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute, Martial Arts Author

Major Sam Hart, Winchester College

He is passionate about his chosen discipline and, by setting a first class example, he has greatly improved the skill of every student that has passed through the Club. Simon’s enthusiasm never falters; he constantly seeks to improve his knowledge and is forever improving the quality of the experience. This determined approach has won him the respect of all those he worked with, and all the boys he trained. I have no doubt that the Club will continue to thrive under his leadership and guidance.

SE Hart, Head of Sport, Winchester College (Major)

Rui Marques

After trawling high and low I stumbled across a dojo and respectfully watched the instructor teaching and treating his students with a respect and patience that instantly made an impression. Following the class, I spoke to the instructor and half an hour later felt like I had known this man for years. I joined the dojo and spent several years training under someone who I am now honored to call one of my closest friends. 20 years on and we still spend hours on our favorite subject. Simon Budden (Sensei) has a hunger and enthusiasm that is motivational, his positive questioning and searching for knowledge is inspirational to all his students. Outside of the dojo arena we spent time working the doors so he is no stranger to what applied karate is all about.

If you are looking for a first class , genuine instructor you won't get any better than this man. Stop searching and get training!

Rui Marques, 4th Dan Applied Karate Do/BCA/BCKA

Tom Maxwell

Sensei Budden's unique syllabus strikes a fine balance of old and new, exploring modern combatives and self protection through his work with the BCA (British Combat Association) and antique methods encoded and preserved in Karate kata that he has been studying for over 35 years. I could say more but I recommend you go, train and see for yourself!

Tom Maxwell, 7th Dan Kodo Ryu