Welcome to the Combat Martial Arts Web site

Here at CMA we practice Classical and Mixed Martial Arts. Winchester based, we offer a combination of combat martial arts; some reference classical systems while others modern, but all focused on practical combat training for real world situations.

We are members of The British Combat Association, The World Combat Association and The British Combat Karate Association.

Sento Shin Karate

Martial Arts Combat System

Sento shin Karate has its roots in classical Karate (Shito Ryu). Whilst recognising the classical, its training is geared towards practical and effective self-protection.

Real World MMA

Real World MMA (MACS)

Real World MMA (M.A.C.S.) is a practical combat system, utilising only the effective components from a number of different martial arts and combat fighting techniques. Punching, striking and kicking are taken from karate, kick boxing, western boxing, the grappling element (formally C.G) is the ground work and throwing component of Martial Arts, taken from English wrestling judo and Jiu jitsu. These classes combine many effective techniques for real world personal self-protection, not to be confused with training for MMA competition.